Monday, October 20, 2008


My SN Decor lady had a really cool loft but I really wanted to play with her mirors too. All of the pictures on her walls are from study abroad and backpacking in Europe. I really like this.

Ohio State

The Ohio State Buckeye fans cheer as the team looks to the scoreboard to see the replay of the fumble by MSU's Blair White which led to an OSU touchdown in the last 15 seconds of Saturady's game. You can kinda see the team reacting but I wish it had more depth of field...and maybe if I was a little higher up in the stands I could've gotten some more separation and seen the actual touchdown...maybe I'll try it again sometime...

May or may not have exposed the Ohio State Mascot...OOPS!

Ohio State fan, Anita Donadio, hugs her son, the Buckeye mascot after Ohio State's 45-7 victory over MSU.

Yay for Man Love!

MSU senior running back, Javon Ringer, receives a hug from Ohio State junior defensive back, Kurt Coleman, after the Buckeyes defeated the Spartans 45-7 at Spartan Stadium.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bharatiya Temple

"Religion, after all, is a human expression, and religions are as different as our cultures...To think you can own the Almighty cannot but be counterfeit. No real experience of the infinite presence of God can leave you condemning your neighbor." ~Swami Vivekananda

"...truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect." ~J. Krishnamurti

One of the common misconceptions od the Hindu tradition is that they worship many gods. In reality, it is a henotheistic religion meaning one God with many facets. the deities represent various powers of the supreme God. They believe that there is no one way to God, just many paths to salvation. the way that is right for one person may not be right for another. The only correct way is the one that leads the individual to ultimate reality, or Brahman.

Rameswari Devi

The Bharatiya Temple priest splashes holy water on the deity, Lord Venkateshwara,the form of the Hindu god who destroys the sins of the people.

Parameswaran Iyer performs a prayer befor the Navagraha Devatas, the nine planetary deities, after walking circles around the platform.

B. Lalithambal, the priest's wife

Lucky Firsts...

I love it when this happens. This is the best shot from my living city by far. I was wondering around the pavilion, rounded a corner, saw this boy, lifted the camera and snapped...they saw me by the second frame and started waving...funny how the very first shot, however spontaneous, can end up being the all around best.

Parents, Joe and Stephanie Gill, lead their sons- Shaw, 6, and Tate, 4(not pictured)-back from their Lead Line performance at the Michigan Quarter Horse Association's Breeders' Futurity horse shows at the Pavilion. The Gill family has been doing horse shows together going back three generations when Jill Bain first began. Since then, her daughter, Stephanie Gill, and her Husband, Joe Gill, who met showing horses, have continued to show with their two sons. Most weekends, Jill Bain’s father shows as well, bringing four generations out to the event for a family affair.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm fallin'

Some of the MSU Outdoors Club

Apparently parachutes are held together with rubberbands...

Chris getting ready for the jump

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Grrrrr...missed him!

Secret game watching spot for one of the construction workers completing the Indiana stadium


Playboy morning show hosts for Sirius and XM radio, Kevin Klein and Andrea Lowell, play a radio game with MSU senior hospitality business Playboy model, Lynn Wisper, in which the hosts attempt to discover the player's secret. Lowell and Wisper crack up after Lowell incorrectly attempts to guess Wisper's secret.

The secret was that she really likes going to sex shops
the guess is too inappropriate for this blog...

Stanley Cup Stuff

I really liked this framing and moment...

Oakland University juniors, Megan Hryckowian, and Naida Efendiyeva, are shocked when they realize that it is Mike Bolt, the keeper of the Stanley Cup, who is being filmed in front of them...okay so they freaked out a little...

so this is the dog of the girlfriend of Alex Beaudin, one of the guys we interviewed...

Nursing junior, Melissa Heacock, lets C.J. ,2, and Caroline, 5, play ith her dog, Ipswitch, while she makes a donation which will go toward children's cancer research, to have her picture taken with the Stanley Cup.